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The Whip Clip®

     The Whip Clip® is a revolutionary product designed for those individuals that ride or train a horse with a whip, crop or bat while mounted.  Whether you are a horse trainer, riding instructor, student, trail rider or pleasure rider, you will find that The Whip Clip offers convenience, and even fosters  communication between horse and rider by having the whip readily available when needed.

       Gone are the days of dropping your whip to the ground (either accidentally or intentionally), leaving it behind, or sticking it in your boot!


 · Eliminates need to carry whip or leave it behind

 · No more fumbling with your whip

 · Convenient and easy to use 

 · Use year after year

 · Facilitates communication

 · Becoming standard equipment

 · Classically styled and solidly built

 · Great for trail riding

 · Stays secure at a walk, trot or canter

 · Detachable & easy to slide on/off boot or halfchap

 · Lifetime guarantee on workmanship





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Canyon Tack & Feed Co Inc - CO

WC Equestrian - NV

Equestrian Outfitters - CT

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Especially Western - WA

Sesroh Tack Shoppe - VA

The Galloping Grape - VA

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