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     As founder of Dos Equine LLC, I'd like to make a rather bold statement:  You're going to love The Whip Clip.  There is no need to consult another website or do an internet search -- there is no other product like this one.

     My name is Jan Grimm and before I share a little bit about the Michigan company that I've started, let me assure you that I will personally handle or supervise all orders and customer service issues.  One of my cardinal rules of business is that I treat my customers exactly how I myself would expect to be treated.

     Dos Equine LLC was born out of the need for unique solutions for horse owners, riders and enthusiasts.  Based in Western Michigan's "horse country," we have access to a multitude of horse breeding, training and boarding facilities for product development and testing, as well as the resources of Michigan State University.

     Building better relationships with horses and being more effective in the time available with them is our passion.  Whether you're an instructor, competitor, or pleasure rider, I'm confident that you will find The Whip Clip a welcome addition to your tack room!