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What is The Whip Clip?

The Whip Clip is an innovative new product designed to meet the demands of serious equestrians.  The Whip Clip is an individual whip holder that was designed for those riders that wear tall boots or half chaps and carry a whip, crop or bat while mounted.  


How can The Whip Clip help me?

The Whip Clip is just the ticket for those riders that train or ride with a whip, crop or bat.  If you’ve fumbled with your whip or dropped it to the ground (either accidentally or intentionally), The Whip Clip is for you.  It allows the rider to keep their whip handy just when it is needed, yet out of the way when it is not needed.   It may also save you time during your arena lessons when you carry a whip.  After you use it, you’ll wonder how you got along without it!


How does The Whip Clip work?

The Whip Clip simply slides over a rider’s tall boots or half chaps.  It can be used on either the left or right boot, whichever is more convenient for the rider.  Therefore, if you’re right handed, you will want to put The Whip Clip on your right boot. 


How do I insert a whip in The Whip Clip?

Once The Whip Clip is in place on the boot, the rider inserts the narrow portion of the whip shaft into the lower whip clip opening; then the rider inserts the upper portion of the whip shaft into the upper whip clip opening; lastly, the rider will gently tap the butt of the whip handle downward until snug in the holder. 


How do I withdraw my whip from The Whip Clip?

Depending on the type of whip you use, there may be multiple ways to withdraw the whip.  However, the easiest way is to simply push the whip out (away from you) of the holder.  Do not jerk the whip upwards because the whip clip may come off your boot, but will still be on your whip. 


 Will The Whip Clip fit my boots?

The Whip Clip fits most tall boots ad half chaps, including ‘winter boots’ that tend to be thicker with insulation.   If you switch from thick winter boots to thinner leather (or rubber) boots, just take The Whip Clip off and let it return to it’s original state – this may take an hour or two – and slide it over your new boots.  The inside arm (the arm that goes between the rider’s leg and the inside of the boot) of The Whip Clip has teeth to secure a snug fit.


What colors are available?

The Whip Clip is available in several colors. 


What whips will fit into The Whip Clip?

Most commercially manufactured whips, crops or bats will work with The Whip Clip. 


What if my whip doesn’t fit into The Whip Clip?

If your whip/crop/bat does not fit into The Whip Clip, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


Will The Whip Clip get stretched out or become loose on my boot?

With prolonged use of the whip clip on a boot, the arms may become slightly stretched out.  If this happens, just remove the whip clip and let it sit at room temperature for several hours - it will return to its original state in anywhere from an hour to a few days (depending how stretched it becomes).  Thanks to the memory retention material it is manufactured from, it will be good as new again.


Will The Whip Clip scratch my boots?

The Whip Clip has no sharp edges that would jeopardize the leather on boots, however, care should be taken when sliding The Whip Clip on or off the boot.