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PRODUCT REVIEW                                                    

from Horse Talk Magazine, May/June 2007

Dos Equine LLC - The Whip Clip®

     What a great idea! No more dismounting because you have dropped your crop. No more trying to find a good place to lay your crop down so you can still retrieve it if you need it.

     Our tester used the Whip Clip for several weeks during her normal schooling of her horse. The idea is to be able to have quick access to a crop but not have to hold it all the time. There is no longer a need to drop the crop or find a good spot to lay it down in case you need it again. For many riders it is important to have their crop available to use, yet it is difficult to hold the reins correctly while holding a crop.

     We found that the Whip Clip was very convenient to use. Our rider was able to use the Whip Clip even before she mounted her horse. It is an excellent tool when working on a horse’s ground manners. If a rider needs extra reinforcement of her voice aids while working from the ground, the crop is handy but does not have to be held. The only disadvantage to using it for ground work that our tester noticed was that the Whip Clip worked better with shorter crops; a dressage whip for instance, was too awkward to try to walk with while it was attached to the Whip Clip. The size of the whip was not as much an issue when we used the Whip Clip while mounted, and the manufacturer suggested using it with crops up to 36”.

     Our tester was a bit concerned that, because the whip clip was small, she might lose it. However, the easiest way to keep track of it was to leave it on her boot or half chap. She did have to remember when taking the crop out of the Whip Clip to push the crop outward away from the boot until it snaps out instead of pulling it up, because otherwise the clip just stayed on the whip and slid off the boot or half chap.

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The Whip Clip™ personal whip holder makes training a snap

     JANUARY 2007 - It’s a common frustration among horse riders: having to drop the whip to the ground when it’s not needed during training and then having to dismount to pick it up when it is needed again. The Whip ClipTM personal whip holder from Dos Equine offers the ultimate solution to this universal problem.   

     The Whip Clip is a compact (2 ¼” x 1” x 1”), discreet, two-chambered clip that slides into place over  the top of the rider’s boot or half chaps.  When the crop, whip or bat is not needed, the rider inserts it into the clip - safely, securely and near at hand. The clip’s larger, upper chamber holds the whip handle or portions of it; the lower chamber secures the whip shaft. When the whip is needed again, the rider can readily retrieve it with one hand from The Whip Clip, without dismounting and while maintaining rein contact with the horse.  

     The Whip Clip maximizes riding time for pleasure riders as well as riders who regularly train with a whip.  Manufactured from a thermoplastic material, The Whip Clip is strong enough to hold a whip during a walk, trot or canter, yet flexible enough to allow the whip or crop to be inserted and withdrawn easily. It is designed to accommodate most commercially available horse whips today.   The Whip Clip’s patent - pending design was developed by a horse enthusiast who has spent most of her life on and around horses, training, and riding horses.       

About Dos Equine LLC

     Dos Equine LLC is a privately held company that specializes in providing solutions to the unique needs of horse owners, riders and enthusiasts. Based in western Michigan “horse country,” the company has access to a multitude of horse breeding, training and boarding facilities for product development and testing, as well as the resources of Michigan State University.  



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