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The Whip Clip

  Eliminates need to carry whip or leave it behind

  No more fumbling with your whip

  Convenient and easy to use 

  Use year after year

  Facilitates communication

  Becoming standard equipment

  Classically styled and solidly built

  Great for trail riding

  Stays secure at a walk, trot or canter

  Detachable & easy to slide on/off boot or halfchap

  Lifetime guarantee on workmanship




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    Instructional Video

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     The Whip Clip is a compact, discreet whip holder that gives the rider a convenient location to store their whip when not needed.  Gone are the days of dropping the whip to the ground or fumbling with it while continuing to work with your mount.

     The Whip Clip simply slides over the top of a rider's tall boot or half chap - that's it!   No sticky glue or tape to hold it in place ... and it's removable should you switch boots or half chaps.   At less than 0.5 oz. in weight, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable - you will not even know it is there. 

     When the whip (crop or bat) is not needed, the rider inserts it into the clip - safely, securely and near at hand.   When the whip is needed again, the rider can readily retrieve it with one hand from The Whip Clip, while still  maintaining rein contact with the horse.  

    The Whip Clip maximizes riding time for pleasure riders as well as those who regularly train with a whip.   The Whip Clip is strong enough to hold a whip during a walk, trot or canter, yet flexible enough to allow the whip to be inserted and withdrawn easily. 

Our No-Risk Return Policy - If your particular whip does not fit The Whip Clip or you are not totally satisfied,    return the product within 14 days for a full refund! 

Instructions for using The Whip Clip:



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Great for warming up on show day


Convenient for bareback or trail riding 


Fits snugly on a tall boot or half chap