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The Whip Clip

The Whip Clip

The Whip Clip® is a revolutionary product designed for those individuals that ride or train a horse with a whip, crop or bat while mounted.  Whether you are a horse trainer, riding instructor, student, trail rider or pleasure rider, you will find that The Whip Clip offers convenience, and even fosters  communication between horse and rider by having the whip readily available when needed.

Gone are the days of dropping your whip to the ground (either accidentally or intentionally), leaving it behind, or sticking it in your boot!  


  • Eliminates need to carry whip or leave it behind
  • No more fumbling with your whip
  • Convenient and easy to use 
  • Use year after year
  • Facilitates communication
  • Becoming standard equipment
  • Classically styled and solidly built
  • Great for trail riding
  • Stays secure at a walk, trot or canter
  • Detachable & easy to slide on/off boot or halfchap
  • Lifetime guarantee on workmanship

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There are many tack shops across the country that carry the Whip Clip.  However, they can also be purchased online through Warmblood Tack Store with free shipping.


I love my whip clip

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"I absolutely love my Whip Clip.  I mainly trail ride and I like to carry a whip for those sticky situations.  However, I only need it occasionally.  Now I don't have to carry it in my hand the whole ride.  It stays secure in my Whip Clip no matter what I'm doing.  And it's also great in the ring.  I use a longer whip, but I can still jump with it in my Whip Clip.  What a

great invention!  Erika, Maryland

A very handy, simple device

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"This is a very handy, simple device.  The Whip Clip goes on your tall boots or half chaps and provides a secure place to put your crop while riding.  I snap the crop in before I mount and it's handy when I need it.  If I need to maneuver a gate or adjust a stirrup, I have a handy spot to put the crop so it's not in the way.  There is not much I don't like about this item.  It fits very snugly on my half chaps and can be difficult to move to a different pair, but I think it's worth buying more to have one for every set of boots.  You'd want to remove it before a show, of course.  It is very well constructed and durable.  I have dropped so many crops that I was finally buying dayglow orange ones just so I could fine them.  I no longer have that problem."  Beverly Mills, Kansas

Finally! A great solution....


"Finally!  A great solution for dropping your whip!  I love the whip clip and use it with all my training horses.  no more lost whips, no more waiting for someone to hand you a whip, it's right there!  Works great for my horses that only need a moment of encouragement but get too forward or nervous if the whip is ever present.  It's sleek design virtually fades into your boot, as elegant as it is functional!  A great time saver for my training barn.  Thanks for making such a wonderful product, and for your great customer service.  It is so rare these days to find a company that stands behind their product so completely." Kimberely Beldam-Saylor, FEI Rider/Trainer, True North Dressage,

Great customer service

"I work as a Customer Experience consultant for a Business Consulting firm and many many companies, large and small, could take a leaf out of your book in how to communicate, treat the customer and manage the overall experience.  It has been a first class experience - thank you!" Jeremy Heaven, Republic of Ireland

Can't imagine riding without one

"After trying The Whip Clip, I can't imagine riding without one.  What a great idea!  The clip keeps my crop at an arm's length at all times, stored when I don't need it, but available in a split second.  When you ride an anxious or super-sensitive horse, it's helpful to be able to keep the crop in a neutral position.  The Whip Clip makes everything so much easier!" 

Dana Manar, Missouri

Connective Horsemanship with Ryan Gingerich

Whip Clip is great

"It (The Whip Clip) was great!!!  I have a Hanovarian warmblood who is in training.  The last thing I want to do is have to worry about mounting and dismounting my 16.3 hand baby to take care of the whip.  There are times that you just do not have enough hands, and this is a very practical way of tucking away the whip until you need it again." Michelle, North Carolina 

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